What SJW Means in Internet Lingo

These days there is so much internet lingo to keep up with that it can get a little confusing at times. There is a world wind of lingo that a person has to keep up with, it is no wonder that often times a person will get confused. One of the biggest new additions to Internet lingo is the letters SJW. So now comes the million dollar question as to what exactly does SJW stand for? The answer to this is simple, it stands for Social Justice Warrior.

Now that this has been explained, you will have the next question and that is what exactly is a social justice warrior? The explanation as to what this is can be summed up in a simple phrase. A social justice warrior is a person that fights for what they believe to be injustice in society. This is a new concept that has been sweeping the internet in regards to social media as well as all sorts of causes on the internet.

As time goes by, there will be a load of other lingo terms that will pop up and SJW will just fade into being a thing of the past that few people will remember. For the time being though, SJW is a part of our lingo on the internet and we will need to adjust to it and see where it will lead. One thing is certain, this is a movement that seems to be picking up momentum and will continue to make an impact in our society in regards to helping people who have been done wrong.

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