Women Are Being Pushed Out Of The Tech Industry By Men

The tech industry has been sexist since it began. Despite the qualifications and intelligence of women, they often remain on a lower pay scale. Only a quarter of the jobs in the industry are held by women, and the number has been dropping for two decades. According to the reports of the companies, of every five engineers employed at Facebook or Google, only one is a woman. The steps taken to address this issue remain inadequate. The problem will not be solved by educating women as engineers.

Throughout history, women have been pushed out of the tech field by men. Sexism is rampant in Silicon Valley. In the United Kingdom women were programming systems for scientific research, code-breaking, social services and tax collection. Since they were classified as machine operator class, their pay was low. They have since been pushed right out of their field. The government believed women would leave the workforce once married, and determined to have men filling important positions. Talented coders were expected to retire in their twenties because they were women. The men were less qualified, and saw the profession as unmanly. This resulted in a programmer shortage, and imploded the computing history of the United Kingdom.

The number of women earning a degree in computer sciences reached a peak of 37 percent in 1984, and has been dropping since then. Only eighteen percent of all degrees in computer science are currently given to women. The percentage of women in the current computing industry is only 24 percent, and this number is dropping as well.