The best jobs of the future are in data and information

There has been an acceleration of job opportunities in the technology arena. For example, information technology jobs such as systems administrators, database administrators, computer systems analyst, and help desk analyst have been around for years. Their demand has significantly increased, but new roles similar but more refined in this space include Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer, or cyber security analyst. These roles are getting more important due to the rise of big data. Which is super large databases that need to be studied, manipulated and analyzed for the purpose of making better decisions.

Additionally, the rise of AI (as some people call the software behind robots) is also in demand. Jobs for this field will be in every industry from for-profit to non-profit, and government. AI has the potential to change entire industries. It is in its infancy, and there is already a shortage of good talent. Universities have added curriculum for this area as they try to keep up with the dramatic pace of innovation. They are adding specialized programs and degrees like bachelors, masters, and Ph.Ds. in the field. Corporations from IBM to startups are leveraging this area to create new industries and better opportunities for their firms. The promise of AI has been talked about for decades in the press and movies, but now it’s starting to take real shape and an opportunity to improve the world. AI’s backbone is data and information that must be managed, and those jobs will be the most well paid in demand on the plant in the coming years.

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