SpaceX- How much will a ticket cost

SpaceX plans to send its first space tourist to the moon by 2020. For the first time, a non-government agency will be able to send civilians to space. However, these trips won’t be funded by the government but instead by wealthy adventurers. Now the question is, what the cost will be to take part in this incredible journey through space? Elon Musk hasn’t given any specific costs but predicts the price tag could be similar to a trip to the International space station.

Today it cost NASA nearly $81 million dollars for a round trip ticket to the international space station in a Russian made Soyuz capsule. NASA predicted that the cost of using a SpaceX vehicle would cost less than using the Soyuz capsule. They estimate the cost to be around $58 million. SpaceX declined to back up this analysis.

A ticket for a trip to the Moon could easily double the cost by some estimates. Elon Musk said the Moon trip could send space tourist on a 300,000 to a 400,000-mile trip. The space travel agency, Space Adventures, estimates the cost for a trip to the moon could be around $175 million per seat. However, these costs aren’t clear due variables. For example, the distance between the Moon and the Earth varies. The moon is 225,623 miles from the Earth when it’s at its closest. Musk’s Estimates of sending passengers on trips 300,000 to 400,000 miles away must mean they will be sending them out when the Moon is furthest from the Earth or they will be sent beyond the Moon.

Some of the factors that will go into the cost of the trip include

– Training for Spacecraft operations
– Use of launch support services
– Life support services
– Medical services

Those are a few of the foreseeable costs. There are hidden costs such as delays. Overall, space exploration will soon be a possibility for civilians even though this only includes the super rich. Affordable space exploration is still a few decades away but steps are being made to eventually make that a reality.

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