PS4 or Xbox One? Which is the Better Console?

Playstation vs. Xbox. This is a battle that has been looming for 3 console generations now and takes me back to my Nintendo vs. Sega days. I must start out by saying both consoles are actually quite good this time around and you can not really go wrong with either choice.

PlayStation 4 came out first this time, with Xbox one releasing roughly one week later. At release, the original model PS4 was more powerful in terms of raw processing power than the Xbox One. When came time for the inevitable “slim” versions, the Xbox One S was on par with the PS4 Slim.

That all changed when the top tier models came out, however. PS4 Pro released in 2016 and was capable of 4k video playback and boosting play performance of older titles up to 40%. Xbox One X, however, knocked it out of the park. Not only have many new and old releases been updated to feature new textures but also increased game speed. At launch, gamers were loading into multiplayer games like Call of Duty up to 30 seconds faster than standard Xbox one users.

Which should you buy? If you have a 4K HDR TV and some money to burn, go for the Xbox One X. The improvement is worth the extra cash. If not then both the PS4 Slim and Xbox One S are great choices and can generally be found in the $200 range depending on sales. I would just pick whichever has more exclusive games that interest you and go with that one.

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