The Best TV of 2017

With consumer electronics becoming more readily available, there has been a massive boom in the technological standard associated with a “cheap TV.” More people than ever have access to the luxury of a flat screen TV of considerable size. Many of these televisions even come with smart TV technology that allows you to implement your own personal functions such as Facebook and show scheduling. It’s a huge change from the overpriced flat screen TVs of less than a decade ago. With so many TVs on the market today, here’s our pick for the best of the best.


The C7 is probably the best TV on the market in 2017. With an OLED screen, a new technology rising in popularity that is slowly becoming the industry standard, the C7 dominates visually. It provides crisp, deep color in all of its presented images and offers clear, warm visual contrast. In short, the picture quality is top notch. Despite its ultra wide design, with screen sizes up to 65 inches, the C7 is ultra-thin. This design allows the TV to be placed virtually anywhere, whether mounted on a wall or placed on a thin table. The TV can present visuals in 4K definition, has four HDMI ports three USB slots and can connect to Wi-Fi. One of the better features is the TV’s interface, which has a flourishing aesthetic designed just for the TV itself. Despite its small frame, the LG C7 supports Dolby surround sound and packs an audible wallop. The LG OLED C7 is worth every penny.