AT&T’s New Moto Tab, from Lenovo and Motorola

Motorola is not a company known for its tablets. The company introduced the Motorola Xoom, the first tablet to run Android Honeycomb, at CES 2011. It introduced the Motorola Droid Xyboard, the successor to the Xoom, in November 2011. Both tablets had a media focus, offering accessories, file format support, and local file streaming options to enhance video viewing. Since then, the Motorola tablet market has been idle.

Recently, Lenovo announced the next Motorola tablet, the Moto Tab. The tablet has a Snapdragon 625, utilizes 2GB of RAM, and has 32GB of internal storage, with the option to expand the storage to 128GB using a mircroSD card. It has a USB Type-C port, two front facing Dolby Atmos speakers at the top, a 7000 mAh battery, a camera in the front and the rear of the device, and a fingerprint sensor that allows up to 7 profiles to be added to the device.

The tablet is designed with a focus on entertainment. It sports a 10″ display with full HD resolution, decent for viewing videos. Going on sale as an AT&T exclusive, one of the key selling points of the Moto Tab is its focus on integrating with AT&T services, such as DirecTV and NumberSync. A single swipe on the home screen quickly opens TV Mode, which allows the user to view live tv content and recorded shows, provided they have a valid DirecTV subscription. With NumberSync, users can use their cell phone number to make calls on the tablet, with or without the cell phone being nearby or turned on. There is also an included AT&T folder which has apps relating to the user’s AT&T plan as well as a device help app, for aiding in learning how to use the features of the device.

The Moto Tab will be available starting November 17, with two buying options available. Customers can pay $15 per month for 20 months, or can pay the full $299.