How to Print Text Messages From Any Phone

These days, it seems that more and more communication happens through text messaging. Whether the communication is to convey business or personal information, text messaging is often the go-to method.

That’s great—until you need a hard copy of the information. Then what? You’ll probably want a way to print out your messages.

Why might you need to print text messages? How can you do so? Consider the following points.
Why Print Text Messages?
There can be any number of reasons to print out your text messages, including:

  • For personal reference
  • For legal purposes, such as when making your side of the case in a lawsuit
  • For sentimental value

    How to Print Your Text Messages
    Although the specifics may vary from phone to phone, the following basic steps will enable you to print text messages contained on virtually any phone:

  • Take a screenshot of the message(s) you need to print.
  • E-mail the applicable screenshot(s) to yourself.
  • Log in to a computer that is connected to the Internet and attached to a printer.
  • Sign in to your e-mail account.
  • Download and save to your computer the screenshot(s) you sent yourself.
  • Print the screenshot(s).
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