Hacking the iPhone X

Unlike any other iPhone on the market, the iPhone X features a new security method – face ID. The iPhone X uses a new system with infrared dot projection to determine the structure of your face, thus allowing you to unlock the phone by only looking at it. Obviously, questions arise around the problem of hackers. Apple has stated however, that this method is relatively more safe than the previous Touch ID, which was speculated that 1 in 50,000 random people would be able to unlock. The Face ID method, as stated by Apple, is said to only have the chance of being unlocked by 1 in a million random people. Whether this is actually true has not been officially documented. There are already a number of people claiming to have ‘hacked’ into the iPhone X’s Face ID within a few weeks of release. However, it is safe to say that this method is pretty reliable and secure. Many people do not understand how this actually works, and having that knowledge would help them to attain a peace of mind. Some phones on the market in past years have had the ‘Face ID’ security method as well. However, many of them used a picture matching technique that only required a similar picture to that of the original to be unlocked. This created many problems, as anyone who looked similar to you would likely have the ability to hack into your phone. The iPhone X however, uses a very powerful technological system. An infrared dot sender sends thousands of little dots of light onto your face, which are invisible to human eyes. The technology then maps a 3-D imprint of your face and tests it to the original imprints, making it a tough system to bypass.