WiFi Fridges!

We all got to admit that technology is getting more and more amazing as the decades roll on by. We got everything we could possibly imagine; like small computers in our pockets to even cars that drive themselves! Did you ever think that even our refrigerator’s can get that cool? Well, technology proves this by putting WiFi into them! Sadly, you can’t access the internet using your refrigerator’s WiFi, but you can attach the network it gives off to your smart phone and be able to do all sorts of great things with it! Start using your icebox in a completely new way. Most models allow you to do this with network:

Manage Alerts

  • Water Filter Replacement
  • Door is left Ajar
  • Temperature High

Status Updates

  • Fresh Food Temps
  • Freezer Temps
  • Full or Empty Ice Maker


  • Control Temperatures
  • Heat Up Water
  • Turn The Ice Maker On/Off

Want to feel more in control of your kitchen? It is highly recommended to get a WIFI fridge to make life at home a little easier for everyone. Not to mention that most models are pretty well priced!