Cyber Security is the Worlds Problem

There is a cyber-attack every 39 seconds, which means by the time you finish reading this article that means you and five of your friends could potentially have your personal information stolen and posted on the dark web for sale.

By the year 2019 the estimated cost of such cyber-attacks will rise rapidly to upwards of two trillion dollars. With projected costs like this it is plain to see that cyber security is a growing problem all around the world. These numbers would make most people think that since there’s such a demand for cyber security experts that jobs for these positions are filling left and right, so this means there should be nothing to worry about, right? Wrong… cyber-attacks are increasing and advancing exponentially by the day and it seems that the industry just can’t keep up. Not only are there a ridiculous amount of unfilled cyber security positions, 209,000 to be exact, but that number is expected to increase up 1.5 million by 2019.

With such a growing concern of cyber-attacks, and such a lack of defense, you might be thinking “what can I do to protect myself?” This is a valid question, and there are simple steps you can take. The most basic steps to ensure you have an active firewall and anti-virus, as well as a strong WPA2 encrypted password for your WiFi and to avoid public WiFi. Above all else… educate yourself on sites like YouTube or Cybrary, they are free to use and have valuable information. While these are the most basic, these are good stepping stones towards ensuring that you are not one of the unlucky ones that has their identity stolen every 39 seconds

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