Coolest Car Gadgets Ever!

There’s plenty of great gadgets that you can add to your car these days. Some help you drive, some make you safer, and some are just plain fun to have. But the simple fact is you can only have so many at a time, whether it be a space or money concern, so it pays to be a bit discerning with your tastes. Let’s take a look at three of the coolest car gadgets currently on the market.

1. Dashcams

A classic choice for taxi drivers can now be easily obtained for personal use. Dashcams are great for all sorts of reasons, the least of which being the ability to capture a great scenic view as you drive through the countryside, or help your case in an accident. Many modern dashcams also include GPS functionality built in, helping you navigate at the same time as recording.

2. Navdy Car HUD

The Navdy Car HUD is a genius new device that overcomes the issue of having to hold your phone to talk on it. The Navdy connects with your smarphone via Bluetooth and projects an image of the caller on the road in front of you. You can even read and dictate texts and change music without ever having to touch your phone or take your eyes off the road.

3. PowerCup

The PowerCup is a specialized charger that plugs into your car’s charging outlet. Designed to fit into a standard cupholder, it comes with two outlets that let you plug in your favorite gadgets and charge them in a car just as efficiently as if you were using a wall socket at home. Its convenience and portability put it far above other types of car chargers, and its unique design just looks great, too.