Casio’s New Action Camera Examined:

Casio’s rugged action camera was designed with characteristics similar to the G-Shock Brand Camera. This new camera can shoot over 1000 p’s. In addition the Casio’s rugged action camera is waterproof and shock resistant Also, this unique Camera has a much wider lens in comparison to other camera’s with similar functions. This camera can also be used as a Viewfinder with proper attachment.

This new model Camera looks somewhat similar to the famous G-Line of watches produced by Casio. Casio first gained recognition as a watch manufacturer. Casio’s rugged action camera has the capabilities of being controlled through a Smartphone.

This Camera without a doubt is truly an “Action Camera”. With all the attachments as well as capabilities the Casio’s rugged action camera will undoubtedly take extraordinary photos within seconds. In addition, the camera has an built in color adjuster control button which automatically sets the color scheme for both in door and out door photos. This sophisticated Camera can actually determine specific color patterns and combinations.

*Price/ Possible Release Date:

Prior to the Casio’s rugged action camera being released on to the market for sale, it will more than likely be unearthed at trade shows throughout the United States and Canada. Trade shows can draw large crowds of potential customers interested in purchasing Casio’s newest Camera creation. Casio has revolutionized the art of picture taking to a whole new and different level.

Due to the fact that the Camera is made in Japan, you can be assured it is built to last. In addition, there is no official release date for this Camera as of yet. However, it the camera will more than likely be released for sale within the United States by mid 2018. The Casio’s rugged action camera is expected carry a price tag between $375-$400.

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