Sony KD-55A1: The Best TV in the World

Have you ever seen a Ferrari or Lamborghini in real life? That feeling of awe when you look at both the function and design of something so beautiful? Well the Sony KD-55A1, Sony’s first 4K and OLED television is the home media version of a Testarossa or Murcielago.

The first thing one notices about the Sony KD-55A1 is the incredible, Apple like focus on design. The unit does not need a kickstand to be placed- you simply pull a wedge out from the back of the unit and rest it on that. In addition the TV is amazingly slim and compact. The side profile is about 6 inches while the length is determined by model number.

OLED technology is the future of televisions. Sony waited some time to come out with their OLED models but the wait was worth it. The screen pops with dark blacks and effervescent blues. These panels are still pricey since only one factory in South Korea is capable of producing truly high quality panels.

The motion and HDR capture on the television is adjustable. That helps the OLED technology to shine depending on the lighting situation in your home or office. With the OLED’s being able to emit their own light and sound frequency you have more control over the picture than ever.

If you are in the market for the best of the best look no further than the Sony KD-55A1. This truly is the Cadillac or Tesla of high end 4k OLED televisions.

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