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Three Tips On How To Use Google Better To Get the Results You Want

The internet is one of our most powerful tools in our arsenal of technology. Technology and the way we use technology changes on an almost daily basis. If you want to get the results you want, then you need to become smarter in how you conduct your online searches.

1) If you want to do a specific search, then you need to use unique words that match that search. An example of that is “Blue Dolphin”. Someone was doing an online search the other day. Their search brought back over 25,000 results. Terms like “Blue Dolphin” are not so unique after all.

2) Words that have different meanings can show up in a lot of unwanted results. You should consider using the “minus” indicator to narrow your search.

Chad’s example

Chad wants to look up a company called ” The Caterpillar” online. Chad has been trying all sorts of things without any results. Chad needs to use “Caterpillar-Inc” to narrow down his search.

3) Did you know that words like “a” and “the” are called “Stop Words”? Google search engines ignore those words. Common words need to be used for exact words or phrasing. If you are conducting a general search, then leave the common words out. Common words slow down the process and result in a lot of unwanted site information.

An example

The Pulse Night Club and Pulse will give you two different results.