Best Tech of 2018

2018 will certainly be marked as a year of innovation. Because of the rapid growth in technology field, these new developments will dwarf any sizable accomplishments in 2017. On both a consumer and industrial level, these changes are probably the best tech in 2018.

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

Elon Musk the man responsible for societal advancements such as PayPal and the car company Tesla, is bringing forth the fabled Hyperloop, a public transit technology that will make the famed Japanese bullet trains look slow In comparison. It’s amazingly engaging science with designs in place straight out of a fiction book. The train can reach speeds of 760 miles per hour. It reaches the speed by traveling in a tunnel devoid of air. The lack of air allows the train to move without friction caused by the air in front of it. It’s innovative because without air, there is little need for the train to be designed with traditional aerodynamics. The Hyperloop is also totally electrically powered and is propelled by a series of magnets. The other astounding fact is the Hyperloop is able to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco in roughly thirty minutes. That’s a six and a half hour, three hundred and eighty two mile drive reduced to thirty minutes. It’s possible, because of its clean energy usage and efficiency, there is a possibility Hyperloop technology could replace traditional public transit in the near future. But with the changes Elon Musk and his team of scientists are bringing forth, the future is now.

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