Best New Gadgets Next Year

There is a tremendous growing consensus in the technology industry, and 2017 brought about the best gadgets. However, 2018 will be adorned with highest rated technology gadgets. So here are best new gadgets next year

The Snapchat Spectacles
The spectacles are designed to have a stylish look that’s eye-catching and a high-quality video to keep memories intact. It comes with an easy to set up the process and ability to film for ten seconds and access it via the Snapchat app.

The Drone
This tiny and classy looking drone gives you the power to speed up to more than 40 miles and flying time of around 27 minutes. It also has a compact design making it easy to fold and pack. Additionally, it comes with a 4K high-quality video camera that makes it easy to take amazing pictures.

The Polaroid Pop
This is a tiny a unique portable camera that gives you the ability to take classic digital pictures. The pop is designed to make the digital camera and print them instantly using its 3×4 inches Polaroid classic format.

The Razer Projects Valerie
Ever thought of owning a laptop with amazing three screens? Well, this is your chance the Razer’s has come up with a unique concept design with their three I7 inches 4 K displays give you a chance to play games with their over three screens, or you can have multiple setups to make your gaming device more exciting and enjoyable.

The Amazon Echo Shows
The Amazon voices controlled echoes show is best for making and displaying video calls. It has a touchscreen display making it easy to operate and communicate with your loved ones.

The 2.0 Minty Pis
These are super cute gaming consoles that are built with mini-computers Raspberry Pi and using the printed parts 3D and squeezed into mint tins.

The beauty of technology is coming up with natural and stunning gadgets that make your day comfortable and fun

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