Beats Bluetooth Headset – Worth the Money?

Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones is a must-have for the extreme music lover or sound producer. The battery lasts all day or about 40 hours until a recharge is needed. The wireless headphones is neat and tidy not requiring any wires except when charging. Ranges between five to ten minutes of charging is about 3 hours of play time! The beats are very portable and depending on version you get it may be fold-able to fit in compact space. Not only that, the headphones spontaneously block out unnecessary noises and background sounds all to keep you listening to your sounds and music. On the most expensive end, the Beats Pro headphones is perfect for long hours in the studio and its ear cups also rotates. Any pair of Beats headphones has a soft and comfy cushion for your ears and indeed are quite stylish no matter where you take them with you. A variety of colors to choose from include rose gold, gold, black, silver, and white.

-real time audio calibration for any user
-uses Pure ANC or adaptive noise cancellation technology
-high durability and lightweight
-fine tuning sounds for depth and clarity
-Class 1 Bluetooth chip for wireless listening
-Price ranges from about $130 to $400.