Which is Better Alexa or Siri?

Alexa and Siri are both virtual assistants that are operated by voice command and promise many benefits for users. Which option is currently operating better and on what devices and for benefits should you use these voice assistants?

Using Alexa as a Voice Assistant

Alexa is the voice assistant made by Amazon and is present in a number of their devices including their newer Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon tv sticks, and voice controlled devices like the Echo, Tap, and Dot. These devices are integrated into the Amazon infrastructure and allow for a variety of functionality including playing music from your Amazon music library, having audible books read to you, and having orders directly made through your Amazon account. This is just a small smattering of the options that Amazon Alexa devices offer. You can make wireless phone calls using Alexa, can use these devices as an alarm clock, provide jokes and entertainment, and can tell you the weather and time.

In addition, Alexa is constantly adding new skills that are transferred to your Alexa device with wi-fi with automatic updates.

Using Siri as a Voice Assistant

Siri is built into Apple iphones and ipads and provide many of the same feature that the Alexa devices do, except it links into your Apple database via itunes. Apple also allows for time telling, directions, and can tell the weather as well. Apple is working on their own home devices and like Alexa it will interact directly with your smart home devices.

Ultimately, both Siri and Alexa are effective voice assistants and are both adding skills as time goes on. While you can’t lose with either voice assistant, you are best off selecting a specific type of device based on whether you use Apple or Amazon devices primarily and sticking to this product line for your voice assistant.

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