Apple Could Improve the iPhone’s Battery Life in 2018

Apple has begun to focus on the battery life of its iPhone models. The models released this year had a focus on improving battery life from the iPhone 7 models, which improved on the iPhone 6s models. They also added a low power mode and minor efficiencies within iOS to boost the battery life as well.

The more interesting of the iPhone models, the iPhone X, gained a new battery design, an L-shape formed by combining two battery cells together. In order to fit this into the shell of the phone, they needed to design two logic boards housing the processor and circuitry and stack them on top of each other. It is predicted that the iPhone models released in 2018, namely a model similar in size to the current iPhone X, a larger model about the size of the current Plus models, and an in between model, will follow a similar design, thereby boosting the battery life of the devices. The Plus, being bigger, should experience a significant increase in battery life.

In addition to the new battery design, Apple is expected to utilize an Apple A12 processor and OLED displays in the new iPhone models, the processor enhancing power efficiency and performance, the display enhancing power efficiency while turned on. Like the motion processor before it, Apple may also embed its new neural engine chip, which would boost battery performance a little bit. iOS 12 may also feature optimizations on the software side, bringing improvements across the line.