2 Things All College Freshman should know

Millions of students enter college every year, and many of them will go on to get degrees. Still, there are millions of others that will not finish their college careers. When it comes to college there are things students need to know in order to survive in the freshman year.

It is hard in the freshman year because this is something new. There is a learning curve that has to be explored for a freshman. There are two things that freshmen need to know in order to survive the first year and every year after as they work towards their college degree.

Work Before Play

There will be a ton of opportunities for college students to play and do things that they would like to do outside of class. There are an abundant amount of parties and festivities to consume one’s time. What college students must realize is that it is impossible to play if there is no work being done. The students that fail to to do their work while they are engaging in all the fun activities that come about on a college campus will ultimately find themselves on academic probation with no chance to have much free time at all.

Avoid Procrastination

The second thing college students must make a decision to do is avoid procrastination. This means avoiding procrastination when it comes to turning papers in. It also means avoiding any type of procrastination that people may find themselves doing when it comes to financial aid.

There are so many situations where students will need to conduct business in a timely manner. When students fail to take heed of deadlines they can find themselves in a place where they miss out on certain classes or miss their financial aid that they need to pay for classes.

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