10 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Technology is growing at a faster rate than ever before and it will shock you what will ensue in the year 2018. Here are 10 technology trends that will dominate next year.

10) Smart home technology will be more common next year. Every appliance in your household from air conditioning to security systems will be controlled with a touch of a button on your smart devices.

9) Virtual Reality is on the rise. Samsung already released an advertisement selling their virtual reality set that contains apps and movies. Many more companies are joining the movement.

8) There is a growing trend with services like Uber or Door Dash but there will soon be people purchasing things like gas from their smartphones.

7) Energy storage, quantum computing and nanotech will transform the way we do business in the future; however, it will leave more people out of jobs once computers take over.

6) There will soon be a mixed reality where industries such as farming will evolve and start to use more advanced technology which will leave hand-picked crops in the past. New designed machines will take over these industries.

5) Bitcoin, an innovative payment network, will become very common and take the internet by storm.

4) Conversational systems such as digital speech recognition will keep advancing until it can almost read your mind.

3) Although it is not appetizing, synthetic food is on the rise for whatever reason. With the world’s large population, people are looking for a way to create food if we ever run out.

2) Augmented reality has already become a huge hit via Pokemon Go but companies are developing other ideas to put on the market for 2018.

1) 3-D printers will become a common household item in 2018 since the cost is only around $200.